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Radhuni In 2000 Amin Amin Square Food & Beverage Limited introduced “RADHUNI” with a vision to provide quality “ready-to-cook” food ingredients for the housewives. Within a very short span of time “RADHUNI” drew attention of modern housewives those who had a latent demand for convenience and time-saving cooking. Dedication to quality has given “RADHUNI” unique position in the market.

RadhuniJust after the inauguration of Amin Amin Square Food & Beverage Limited with strong commitment to quality & focus on introducing new products for the growing market have introduce its “Ready – to –Eat” snacks brand RUCHI. Within a very short span of time RUCHI took its place with the proposition of healthy choice to the taste seekers consumers of all ages who had possessed a demand for healthy snacks while ensuring the taste of modern snacks. Dedication to health & hygiene production process with mouth watering innovative products RUCHI cut a unique emerging brand position in the market.

RadhuniChashi is the third addition to the brand portfolio of Amin Square Food & Beverage Limited. The name Chashi denotes to the people who produce agricultural crops and have a positive imagery in their personality like honest, dedicated, hard-working, very much close to the soil etc. This brand will mainly cater to the upper market with the authentic taste and quality of traditionally enriched food products. Only the grains or hand-made items derived from these grains that people can collect directly from the farmer's home will come under the umbrella of Chashi. This brand will have the vision to bring back the authentic taste of indigenous Bangladeshi food products which are about to fade away from Bangladeshi culture. This brand will focus on the people those who perceive the need of this taste and quality which was once available at the village life.

ChopstickInstant Noodles becomes a daily food items rather an occasional food in the urban life. Consumers are becoming variety seeker day by day and that's why new brands are emerging with new promise and taste buds. Square introduced Chopstick instant noodles with a view to deliver the trusted taste to its consumer. Amin Square Food & Beverage Ltd believes that Chopstick Instant noodles will certainly win the heart of its target group and create a good market of instant noodles with its new brand.

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