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Instant Noodles

Instant Noodles becomes a daily food items rather an occasional food in the urban life. Consumers are becoming variety seeker day by day and that’s why new brands are emerging with new promise and taste buds. Square introduced Chopstick instant noodles with a view to deliver the trusted taste to its consumer. Square Food & Beverage Ltd believes that Chopstick Instant noodles will certainly win the heart of its target group and create a good market of instant noodles with its new brand.

Key Features of Chopstick Instant Noodles:

Chopstick instant noodles come up with three exciting flavors which are Yummy Masala, Bar-B-Q Delight and Tom Yum Classic

Chopstick instant noodles will play a strong role in the daily life to change the boring states of regular foods.

Chopstick instant noodles enriched with Iodine, Protein, Calcium & Iron

No MSG and No Preservative added with Chopstick instant noodles

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